Young Professionals Program

The founders of VB Advisory decided to launch their Young Professionals Program in 2017 driven by their entrepreneurial spirit and passion for education. Our distinguishing Young Professional program focus on graduates with a quantitative background and aims to create a new generation of quants within the financial sector. The Young Professional Program provides the opportunity to obtain experience as a quantitative consultant in the financial sector at one of our well-established clients. We believe at VB Advisory in flexibility and entrepreneurship and therefore encourage the Young Professional to be in charge of designing the program. The program is set up in such a way that there is room for a full day focused on education or personal development.

An average work week will consist of gaining hands-on experience and optimizing your capacities by working 4 days at one of our clients under the supervision of both our client as your personal mentor. The last day of the week is based on your education and personal growth, where you will follow our in-house educational program and where VB Advisory offers the room to study for your post graduate studies (e.g. FRM or CFA). We believe that by focusing on specific skills, one can make himself or herself indispensable in the financial sector.

Furthermore, as you probably already now know, does VB Advisory actively participate in pro bono work and do we offer you the chance to create a better world by helping us at one of our pro bono projects. So, are you enthusiastic about helping kids with autism, finding optimal play-ground solutions for children with disabilities or helping start-ups with their data requirements, and does a work week as described above fits you? Don’t hesitate any longer and reach out to us. Our long-term goal is to create a sustainable future. For both you, your career and the world around you!

Here is a small recap of what we offer..

Are you ready for the next step? Are you an ambitious, entrepreneurial (almost) graduated and does a workweek as described above sounds like the perfect match to you? Don’t hesitate and send your resumé and a short introduction about yourself to

Young Professionals Program

18 Months

  • Market-conform salary including great secondary benefits and public transfer card;
  • Designing your own program, goals and milestones;
  • Gaining hands-on experience at the largest financial firms;
  • Participating one day a week in VB Advisory’s in-house training;
  • Working in a young and entrepreneurial minded environment;
  • Opportunity to take the most globally respected and widely recognized postgraduate certificates (e.g. CFA or FRM);
  • Creating a sustainable future by helping with pro bono projects;
  • Option on a permanent position at one of our clients;
* Note, that due the exclusivity of our program we only have a limited number of places at the Young Professionals Program.

Of course, the best insights and feedback can be described by a young professional. So, please find below an introduction of a young professional. Feel free to contact one of our Young Professionals in case of any questions. They are always open for a chat or informal introductory meeting.

Koen van Wissen

Young Professional

  + 31 6 110 54 889

  Koen van Wissen

Koen van Wissen is a Junior Quantitative Consultant who follows the Young Professional program within VB Advisory. He obtained his university degree in Econometrics and Operations Research at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam accompanied by a semester abroad at the Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo. During his studies he obtained an affinity for analytical problem solving and programming. Koen has a wide variety of interests and enjoys working with others. He is eager to improve himself and is always looking to add new skills to his skillset. He often spends his free time in the gym or playing football and he enjoys staying up-to-date with the latest developments in eSports.


After the success of last year, where we supervised master students resulting in exceptional grades, our team would like to give new talents again the chance to explore new quantitative topics and to combine their passions for sport and data together. Originating from financial consultancy services, the small team is fast-growing, talented, highly motivated and focuses currently on new sports analytics and sustainable energy analytics opportunities.

Applications are open for the following topics:

Lower funding ratios driven by lower interest rates and increasing life expectancy have forced pension funds and life insurance companies globally to re-think the asset liability management of their pension portfolios and follow a de-risking strategy. The hedging of longevity risk through longevity swaps is a key part of that strategy. In addition to traditional longevity swaps there are instruments which are linked to a mortality index (such as the mortality coefficients for the Dutch population published by the Central Bureau of Statistics). These have the potential for standardization and create a deep and liquid market for longevity risk. A drawback of these instruments is the basis risk between the mortality index and the actual portfolio to be hedged.

The aim of this internship is to extend the work of Cairns and El Boukfaoui (2017) and internal research on basis risk to include commutation risk, replicating portfolio risk and model risk. We start by implementing a stochastic 2-population mortality model that allows to evaluate the basis risk of an index hedge. We then extend existing models for basis risk to include new risk types. Eventually, after understanding all types of basis risk, changes to the index hedge.

Unfortunately, this internship position is already fulfilled and therefore applications on this position will not be considered. Still interested in an internship position? Please look at our other opportunities.

Risk management will become the most important asset in financial institutions, as risk management is respected all over the world for their critical role in the support and implementation of innovative business projects. The market for renewable energy is growing as more people make use of renewable energy. The majority of renewable energy is generated by wind mills. Hedging solutions for wind volume risk can be executed in either derivative or (re)insurance formats; the underlying mechanism is similar. Derivatives (options, swaps, futures) derive value from underlying assets. With wind derivatives, the “underlying” used in pricing and structuring, is often an index which models a wind farm’s output based on turbine power curves and historical wind speed data. However, measuring the actual fair value of the derivate is challenging as the underlying asset is not traded. As a result, the impact of wind values on derivatives values is often misunderstood. This research aims to measure the fair value of for wind derivatives via weather station data and to develop an innovative pricing model for pricing these type of derivatives.

Unfortunately, this internship position is already fulfilled and therefore applications on this position will not be considered. Still interested in an internship position? Please look at our other opportunities.

Social media continues to impact industries in profound ways. One such industry is the cryptocurrency market and its corresponding blockchain technology. Much of cryptocurrency growth and popularity can be attributed to social media. From the social fora of digital currency’s humble beginnings to mainstream social media channels, social media and cryptocurrency have a very close relationship. A known drawback of current social media is the increase of bots. Dealing with this is one of the challenges that you will experience.

The aim of this internship is to expand the study of Mai et. al, (2018) to altcoins on which sufficient information is available. Additionally, we want to forecast prices of cryptocurrencies using data on social media and econometric regression models. Examples of explanatory social media variables can be; activity, social media type, active followers, positive / negative reactions.

Unfortunately, this internship position is already fulfilled and therefore applications on this position will not be considered. Still interested in an internship position? Please look at our other opportunities.

The main aim of this internship is to establish robust forecast soccer results. By exploring risk-rewarding team strategies and using discrete choice regression models, e.g. an ordered probit model, a variety of quantitative and data-driven models could be explored to model results directly rather than indirectly through scores. Earlier applied statistics literature investigated primarily models related to goal scoring (Crowder et al., 2002), where the aim of this research will be narrowed to direct results.

Interested and ready for a challenging and promising graduation period? Send your Curriculum Vitae to us! In case of any questions with regard to this graduate internship do not hesitate to contact us or send your contact person information to