Tijn Ackermans

#Longevity Hedging

#Quantitative Finance

#Complex Problem Solving


Senior Quantitative Consultant

Tijn Ackermans is a Senior Quantitative Consultant at VB Advisory. He gained his bachelor’s degree in Econometrics and Operations Research followed by a master’s degree in Quantitative Finance at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. With his first projects, he gained experience in credit pricing, hedging longevity risk, and managing pensions contracts. Tijn likes to work in (small) teams where everyone can learn from each other’s strengths and together work towards the best possible solution. Also, he is always looking to improve and broaden his skill set.

After a high-level career in volleyball, he now finds his joy in playing padel. In his free time, he mostly surrounds himself with either friends or family to play (board) games, watch sports, go to a festival or simply have a laugh and a drink. He also finds joy in traveling, especially to countries in which he can explore extraordinary nature.


Tijn Ackermans, Quantitative Consultant