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VB Advisory is thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with the Johan Cruyff Foundation. The Johan Cruyff Foundation supports and develops sports activities for children around the world. “Alone you can’t do anything, you have to work together” Johan Cruyff once said. This is why we are proud to collaborate on common goals together!

The Cruyff Foundation, founded by the legendary football player Johan Cruyff, is regarded as a major authority on sports for children and related social projects.

VB Advisory and the Johan Cruyff Foundation share a common goal, to enable everyone to play, now and in the future. Sports can make a difference for all children! That is why VB Advisory and the Johan Cruyff foundation have the ability through this partnership to visualize the impact of the Cruyff Courts worldwide.

Supported by VB Advisory’s professionals and our expertise, the Johan Cruyff Foundation will be able to get better insights into the performance of all Cruyff courts around the globe by using quantitative econometric methods. By designing and maintaining the Johan Cruyff Dashboard, the JCF Courts’ performance and impact, will provide for better discussions with local communities in their country.

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