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Advisory in Quantitative Risk Management, Finance & Data Analytics

VB Advisory has an excellent track record in the financial sector. Our fields of excellence include actuarial, quantitative Financial Risk Management and data analytics within the established banks and insurance companies based in the Benelux countries. Our area of expertise focusses on model development, model implementation and model validation. Furthermore, we are particularly successful in providing significant insights derived from your data which helps in both the data cleansing process and the provision of data driven solutions.

We have significant experience and have been engaged in several major projects related to the following disciplines within the financial sector:

  • Credit risk modelling:
    We were involved in the development of Basel, ICAAP/ILAAP and IFRS9 models for large and smaller banks. The considered portfolio were retail and corporate portfolios including asset based financing and specialised lending.
  • Asset & Liability Management:
    By providing ALM studies for our clients we were able to manage their balance sheet risks and corresponding risk appetite.
  • Interest Rate Risk:
    Multiple clients struggled with their interest rate models. The low interest rate environment and increasing prescribed regulatory interest rate risk models were one of the biggest challenges we encountered last decade. By developing interest rate calculation tools for an asset management company using state of the art techniques.
  • Financial institutions and FinTech companies rely more and more on complex and mathematical models and tooling due to new and more complex financial products, the organizations have matured their IT-processes and their computing capabilities. The financial models and tools are the key-stone of the financial risk management or front offices pricing accuracy. It is therefore of great significance that the operational and financial risk of those models and tools is mitigated. A widely known example of a model that was not fit-for-purpose was the inaccurate valuation of credit ratings and default probabilities during the Subprime mortgage crisis in 2007 resulting in a financial crisis, but there are also company specific examples where a large financial institution faced failure in their risk controls according to the regulator. According to the U.S. regulator failures in their pricing models and thus in their financial risk management practices led to a trading loss of over $2 billion, let alone the reputational risk that also arise.
  • Above examples point out the extremely important role of model validation in the risk management framework of each financial company. A model validation framework is the key to success. From the documentation to the accuracy of the methodology, every detail matter.
  • VB Advisory has developed their own model development framework in such a way that we are able to make independent, efficient and accurate validations. We always deliver a validation report, which includes the full validation scope, all the findings and recommendations. Furthermore, we always consider our client’s policies.
  • VB Advisory was engaged for the implementation of credit risk models for a large bank and yield curve tool for an asset management company. The developed financial models are implemented with the concept of DTAP (Development, Test, Acceptance and Production).
  • Development of testing framework including acceptance criteria and so on engaged in the implementation of several layers of test framework. (Unit, Component and Chain)
  • During implementation in-depth data analysis is executed to find the cause of any unexpected calculation results. We were engaged for the testing and root cause analysis of unexpected results in a yield curve tool for an asset management company.
  • Supervision and coaching of model development teams and data professionals in their day-to-day operations to set and understand requirements of implementation and identify early implementation implications.
  • Closely work together with model developers, data scientists, IT and business in organisations to achieve a controlled and smooth implementation of credit risk models within a large bank.
  • Data collection and processing of historical data for a major bank. The processing includes structuring and cleansing of the data for ALM modelling departments.
  • Identification and visualization of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) linking to early signal trends and movements for credit risk modelling application purposes within a major bank.
  • Development of an interactive dashboard for visualization of data, highlighting and providing an insight into employing meaningful metrics for a major bank.
  • Development of a data quality control framework using advanced analytics and visualization of data for a major bank.

Young Professionals

On occasion, financial institutions experience a shortage of experienced skilled consultants and analysts, which in turn affects their ability to be successful in reaching their business goals. Furthermore, regulatory organisations within the financial sector maintain stringent guidelines and uphold strict regulations requiring company employees to possess and maintain the relevant and up to date skills and qualifications needed to attain these goals.  If you are experiencing a lack of qualified professionals for specific projects, allow us to help you achieve your objectives.  By deploying our Young Professionals, we can provide you with a tailor-made solution, entirely suited to your requirements.

We specialise in creating programs, specific to your corporate needs in the fields of risk management, finance and data analytics. What’s more, we can out-source our Young Professionals providing you with hands-on, experienced, qualified and highly competent consultants. Experts familiar with your business culture. VB Advisory assures quality and offers you the required educational programs.

Our young professional, together with intensive guidance and training, assists you in finding lasting solutions to any business conundrum. Furthermore, the option of offering a permanent position to our Young Professional allows your organisation to keep this expertise in-house and provides your company with next generation know-how.

Take advantage of this opportunity and see how your organisation can benefit from this solution!

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Pro Bono Publico

Pro Deo is a widely known and appreciated phenomena in legal circles, literally meaning ‘for God’. We believe at our consultancy team  in working for the public good also known as Pro Bono Publico. Each year we take on a selection pro bono projects, where we help start-up companies to achieve a meaningful understanding of their data and help them identify their risk factors. At VB Advisory we strive to help non-profit foundations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) whose values and outlook coincide with our own vision and beliefs, by helping them gain a better understanding of their data. We help them further by suppling useful predictive models, or by creating and teaching them to maintain and understand easy to use dashboards.

At VB Advisory we believe in making a positive difference. With mutual help and understanding we can strive to make the world become a better place.

Do you struggle with your data process or would you like to gain refreshing and efficient insights into your data? Are you a start-up, non-profit foundation or NGO? Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Start by selecting one of our solutions which ties in with your organisational needs. VB Advisory can offer diverse solutions which fall into three separate categories. Other organisations are already in possession of and are utilising these solutions in their daily business, allowing them to become leaders in their spheres of excellence.

We bring young professionals together from the fields of econometrics, mathematics and quantitative finance who can then assist you in seeking and creating sustainable solutions to the business challenges you are facing. Our mission is to improve and advance your business by means of education, training and promotion whilst utilizing best global practices.

What are you waiting for? Let us assist you in achieving your business goals by providing you with the means to do it! Our next generation Quants are ready and waiting to help you take the next step!

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