Diederick Venekamp


#Quantitative Finance

#Team work


Managing Partner

Diederick Venekamp is the co-founder of VB Advisory and always commits himself to finding the optimal client solution. Diederick has an enthusiasm for guiding talented people, helping them to accomplish their personal goals and to ensure they hit their business milestones. Diederick gives lectures and seminars in risk related topics and is the active stakeholder behind the VB Advisory Pro Bono program.

Diederick graduated in Econometrics from the Erasmus University Rotterdam. During his studies, he was involved in entrepreneurship related courses and he specialized in Quantitative Finance.

Before founding VB Advisory, he worked at a consultancy firm and for a number of large insurance companies, where he was involved in financial modelling, the design of quantitative tooling, (sports) data-analytics and the validation of quantitative models.

In his free time, he takes an active part in multiple sports including football, partakes in voluntary work (e.g. supporting children with autism) and enjoys visiting major sports events.