Diederick Venekamp


#Quantitative Finance

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Managing Partner

Meet Diederick Venekamp, Founding Partner of VB Risk Advisory, where finding the perfect client solution is more than a mission—it’s a passion. With a knack for developing talent and a drive to see businesses hit their milestones, Diederick isn’t your typical suit-and-tie exec. He’s the guy who mixes financial finesse with a down-to-earth approach. He takes pride in his role as an educator, regularly delivering lectures and seminars on topics pertaining to risk within the financial sphere. Additionally, he holds a key position as the driving force behind the VB Risk Advisory Pro Bono program, demonstrating a commitment to providing valuable guidance and support to individuals and organizations,

Diederick’s journey started with a degree in Econometrics from Erasmus University Rotterdam, but his education didn’t end there. He dived into entrepreneurship courses and geeked out on Quantitative Finance. Before diving into the advisory world, he cut his teeth at a consultancy firm and juggled gigs at big insurance and financial companies. Financial modelling, tool design, quantitative analytics — you name it, he’s done it.

When he’s not crunching numbers, you’ll find Diederick on the field, kicking a ball or giving back to the community by supporting kids with autism. And when there’s a big game in town, you can bet he’s there, soaking up the atmosphere. Because for Diederick, life’s about balance—mixing business with pleasure, and always striving for the win-win.